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Free Day of Patterns and Practices
Join new and experienced Microsoft winform and web developers for a day long FREE Developer Event covering Enterprise Library and Software Factories from Microsoft Patterns and Practices. Learn to increase developer productivity and application quality using Enterprise Library building blocks, code generation, and proven practices for Smart / Mobile Clients, Web Clients, and Web Services.

Learn how to:

Use Enterprise Library to increase productivity and solve common development problems involving data access, logging, exception handling, security, encryption, and validation.
Understand concepts and benefits behind the four Software Factories, including an overview of how you can extend the factories and build your own guidance packages.
Develop web client applications faster and using proven practices like N-Layer Architecture, View-Presenter Pattern, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, and Service Locators.
Create composite smart client desktop and mobile applications quickly and efficiently, applying proven development best practices and code patterns.
Build ASMX web services endpoints (.NET v2) that scale to enterprise use, and provide a built-in migration path to WCF (.NET v3) through a layered architecture and naming conventions.
Register to attend in Tampa, Florida on May 25th.

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